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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Hair removal used to be limited to women. Lest, you were a bodybuilder, a swimmer, a male exotic dancer, your hair should be left unscathed.

This is not the case anymore. According to experts, men and women have advocated for same grooming rights, including having a smooth skin. It is not always the case of totally removing them but men want their hair thinned out particularly in the chest and back area. In fact, laser hair removal centers have now an increasing number of male clients than before. Signs of the times? Maybe Aside from grooming their eyebrows, more men also want the area around their ears and the back of the neck cleaned as well. However, unlike women who are adept with the language of hair removal, men are still at a loss on how to deal with their excess body hair .

Laser Hair Removal with a Gentle Touch

In laser hair removal, the laser light energy penetrates the hair shaft to kill the hair root. This will not kill the follicle, where the hair growth starts. This means that another hair can grow in its place but with difficulty. The result will be a hair-free area of the body that can last for an equitably long time .

In Derma Skincare Clinic , the GentleMax Pro laser creates a beam of high-intensity light that penetrates deep into skin tissues , where it delivers a controlled amount of targeted therapeutic heat . You will enjoy the comfort with the added patented Dynamic Cooling Device , which protects the upper layers of your skin with a cooling burst of cryogen . The result is optimal treatment with minimal side effects.

The treatment usually takes around 30 minutes per treatment and depending on the hair growth and area treatment can be up to eight sessions. It is best for removing or moderating the hair on back, chest, stomach shoulders and the genital area. It works best on light skin with dark hair but latest technologies in laser hair removal like the GentleMax Pro can accommodate any skin color.

After the laser hair removal sessions are completed, The result up to 80% permanent, which touch-up treatments required to maintain the results. Our GentleMax Pro system is also proven effective to eliminate beard bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae) which are common among men.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that requires training in order to perform and like any procedure, it has some potential risks. It is more than zapping the hair. At Derma Skincare Clinic, our specialists have the credentials to perform the treatment.

If are planning to undergo laser hair removal, no plucking, waxing, and electrolysis about six weeks before the treatment. Waxing and plucking remove the hair roots, which is the target of the laser .

Candela GentleMax Pro - Fastest Laser Hair Removal
The Leading Multi-Wavelength Line of GentleMax Pro Lasers integrated
Aesthetic System
  • The GentleMax Pro combines both Alex, a 755 nm wavelength for skin types 1-2-3 and Nd: YAG, a 1064 nm wavelength for skin types 4-5-6
  • GentleMax Pro is the gold standard and Medical Grade in Laser Hair Removal
  • It is a unique dual laser system delivers customized results on all skin types
  • Manufactured by Syneron-Candela

The GentleMax Pro Advantage:

  • Superior power and safety
  • Faster Treatment session with greater performance and more versatility

Candela GentleMax Pro is raising the bar in performance and reliability. It is the most powerful laser hair removal and can treat up to three times faster in removing unwanted hair than any other skin types

  • Leading medical hair removal treatments
  • Features dual wavelengths technology
  • FDA approved for 80% hair reduction after 3 treatments
  • Largest spot size (20, 22, 24 mm) meaning faster treatment sessions
  • Safe and pain-free hair removal due to the patented cooling unit
  • Provides hair reduction on all skin types
  • Offers fast and effective treatment experience

Clients say about us


  • My spider veins have plagued me for many years. I have had previous treatments from other laser clinics resulting in burns & no results. After having the leg vein treatment with Diala all I can say is, WOW. Immediate results were visible & Diala was so professional & made sure I was comfortable throughout the treatment. I recommend Diala as you will not be disappointed.

    Nick Mirabello
  • WOW … Diala is very passionate about her work & she's very humble. Have had a couple of facials & it's the first time that I haven't broken out … My son who's 15 has also had a facial there & has asked to go back again … Definitely would recommend anyone with all skin types to visit Diala as she is a beautiful person & really knows what she is doing

    Renata Schettino-Gabucci
  • Went in today to get my laser treatment done and I absolutely loved it , felt not one bit of pain which is a definite plus . Would highly recommend to anyone . thanks again Diala I will see you again soon

    Berna Massoud
  • Diala took great care of me , making sure I was comfortable throughout the treatment ! I would definitely recommend Derma Skincare Clinic not only because of the outstanding customer service but also for being understanding and adjusting to your needs . Spread the word to all your friends and family !

    Celine Catherine Fatu
  • Absolutely incredible ! I’m super sensitive and feel all pain and this was completely painless laser ! Diala is lovely , professional , patient and very informative . Trust this place , you won’t regret i

    Christine Soud Ousman
  • If there were 10 stars I’d give it a 10 stars never met a more professional beauty therapist. Your laser is the best I have experienced. 1st time round of laser and 6 weeks later still no hair.

    Joanne Elkheir-Dib

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